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Easter Leads to Contentment

Self | Attie Murphy | 4 mins

Every year comes with new problems to solve, and the first few months seem to fly by. Then you get that call from your Mom or flyer from your local church asking where you'll be for Easter Sunday. Whether you're preparing your family for Easter with anticipation or the thought hadn't crossed your mind, the upcoming holiday elicits some stress. You may even think, "What's the point? I get it, Jesus died and rose again. I don't need to go through all this hoopla.'" You're not wrong; we don't have to celebrate Easter Day to acknowledge the sacrifice of Jesus. God wants us to know His love all the time. However, times of focus bring our communities together and help us prioritize what matters most. If you're struggling to slow down this season, here are a couple of points to center on.  

Jesus offers an invitation, not a demand

God doesn't force us to acknowledge Him. Jesus invites us to the new life He offers through His sacrifice. Easter isn't an obligation but a reminder of the security we have. It's not only celebrating what's done; it's rejoicing for those yet to accept God's grace. You don't have to spend Easter bubbling with happiness or engaging in every activity, but it is a chance to ground your heart and mind. Pray about your fears and replace them with acceptance of God's promises. Know that His love for you does not rely on how you're handling life right now. The Gospel is a gift you will have, even if everything else falls apart.

Carry contentment with you

Peace in your life does not have to rely on circumstances but on faith. What goes hand in hand with peace? Contentment. Since the beginning of humanity, we have wanted more, whether it’s good for us or not (Hello, Eve, there were plenty of other fruits in the Garden). We've worked ourselves to death and hurt others for more. It's safe to say discontent isn't just a symptom of the age of instant gratification. And if we're not chasing more, we're chasing different. That can be a good thing since Jesus calls us to make radical changes, but we will never reach complete contentment except for in God. It’s easy to put God on the "back burner," thinking we need to power through the pressure. That is not what God tells us to do, and His will is wholly for our good. God tells us to turn to Him for contentment in the middle of our battles. He is always with us, - contentment is always in reach. 

Easter is about renewal 

Celebrating our risen Savior is the key to contentment; it is the hope that makes our world of worries seem light. It reminds us that the sacrifice of Jesus was not peaceful, yet He gave us peace. It shows us that our purpose is far greater than the stress of our jobs, relationship conflicts, political chaos, or the economy. Because of the resurrection, we know that nothing can destroy or replace that purpose. We have a mission to follow Jesus with our actions, no matter the obstacles or distractions. It's natural to have anxieties and weariness, so we need to take intentional times like Easter to rejuvenate our souls. Whether worshiping together at church or reading your Bible at home, the reality of Jesus leads to contentment that will reframe your life if you pursue it.

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Attie Murphy

An avid writer since the age of 5, who loves to explore new ideas and places. Inspired by Jesus, books, and travel.

Published on Apr 7, 2023