We believe in the
power of prayer.

Need Prayer?

James 5:16 says, "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working."

If you need prayer, you can submit it privately to our prayer team and choose whether you'd also like to add it publicly to our prayer wall for our church community to pray over. If you want to lift up others in prayer, you can pray over them directly via this page or by spending time in a Prayer Session.


My 2yr old nephew is in ICU and not doing well, all tests coming back normal trying to figure out answers


I am asking for prayers for safety and peace as I leave an abusive marriage. I am finally being obedient to God鈥檚 will for me. Even though it is hard and I鈥檓 scared for my emotional and physical safety, I know that God has his hands in this. Amen 馃檹


For my Aunt Vickie. She has a serious kidney and bladder infection. The bacteria is in her blood now.


My cousin Brent鈥檚 2 year old son Benjamin was admitted to Children's Hospital for liver issues 11 days ago. Possible liver transplant needed. Please pray for Ben and his family, and the Drs. Thank you!


Please prayers I fell off a 10ft ladder. My knee is destroyed had surgery & hardware put in my knee than will have to operate again. I also fractured C5 vertebrae.


So many have prayed so far - thank you. Continued prayer for my pregnancy with a baby boy who more than likely has a rare genetic condition. 馃挋


Asking for prayers for my dear friend Yvette. She suffers from chronic pain that impacts her overall health. Please Father, place Yvette in the hands of competent doctors that will improve her condition.


Please pray for my daughters Maggie, Ashley and my son Eddie. God knows the details. Pray for my grandkids as their parents are not filling them with The Word of God.


Please pray for Megan Taylor who is in the hospital with a brain bleed. She completed breast cancer surgery, chemo and radiation last fall. She has children and 2 are still pretty young.


Prayers for my son who is suffering in addiction & trying recovery & at risk to lose his daughter. Prayers for Gods presence, healing, total recovery, strength, faith, hope, joy & encouragement to fight the good fight, his relationship with Jesus


Our family is going through a 鈥淪EASON鈥濃 I鈥檓 asking for prayers for my son who is struggling in addiction, risk to lose his child BUT God is showing up. Prayers for God鈥檚 presence in every moment to give him strength, faith, hope, joy and to fight


I am struggling deeply with my path! What do I believe in? Who or what do I believe. No one has ever seen Jesus. Why are so many people devoting their lives and prayers to him? Please pray for me to allow myself to start a new journey to undstan


plzz 馃檹 4 my 18 yr. daughter Sami Jo who is struggling with addiction & court procedings due 2 them..may she find a relationship w/ Jesus & freedom that comes thru His Spirit..thnx & God Bless


A fellow teacher I work with has been fighting cancer the past two years and two months. She hasn鈥檛 had good news with all the tests and scans that have been done. Please pray for her to receive some good results after today.

Kamalakara Rao

Respected sir Im kamalakar from India, I'm 26 years old, We had generation curses on me and my sister and family. my father died with heart disease at his age of 33, I also had genetic heart disease name Hypertrophy Cardiomyopathy


My husband, Scott had a tumor taken out of his head near his brain yesterday. The surgery went well. But he is very nauseous and has a hematoma. They鈥檙e watching it for bleeding and growing. Pray for a full speedy recovery, please. Thank you.


I pray that Gerald can accept peace, forgiveness and love from you first, Lord. And then himself. I pray for his happiness and safety.


Please pray for my Uncle Larry who had a brain bleed this morning and is on a ventilator.


Please pray for our son. He has a very heavy heart right now and is really struggling. He鈥檚 seeking for his purpose right now, so any and all prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you.


I need that you guys pray for my daughter she has problems with kidneys and her bladder,the creatinine is 2.25 she got bautize a year ago her name is Grecia Garcia please I need that you pray for her thank you god bless you


praise God! Baby Gus was able to have a successful surgery today. The doctors are hopeful that repairing the heart will enable his kidneys to function. Thank you so much for your prayers.


I just want to live in peace and free. I want this to be all over I can鈥檛 do this anymore. May the lord protect me & give me the strength I need to keep moving forward.


pray for my mom Cynthia knighten she is in the ER because she had a stroke


Please pray with Roy that his significant other would agree to attend church with him and their children.


Please be intentional in prayers for two young women visiting our campus who will graduate next year. both are 17. Ask for God's will & guidance in their lives.


Please pray for Henry with his concerned Mom. he is refusing help for his drug addiction. pray that God touches Henry with the desire to be set free and to draw near to Christ!


please pray for Cass along with Lake. Cass has abused alcohol and recently suffered an aneurysm. pray for God's healing touch & freedom from that addiction.


Please pray for my brother, Michael. He is being admitted and has precious heart issues.


Please pray for healing for Maryann, Jesse, Joni, Jerry, Patty, Dan, Mark, Pammy, Mark and Tom. Thank you!


please please pray for me! the A.C. in my car went out and in need of a mechanic馃檹馃徑


Heavenly Father please remove Ernie Flores from Nadine Figueroa life bring a new girl into his life so he will never have contact speak or see her for the rest of their lives


My partner and best Friend, James Martinez, is have a total hip replacement on the 29th. Please pray for Dr. Feng and his team as he cares for my love. Cover James in the safety and comfort of our lords love. Pray for us all as assist in his recovery


Please keep Madalyn lifted up鈥he maybe is having a heart attack or a stroke! In Jesus name I pray 馃檹 Thank you 馃檹 Jesus!


Prayers of healing and strength for my son Anthony who was in a car accident this weekend. His main injuries are back and rib fractures. He remains positive and open to the journey God has for him.


For an old friend Brenda, dx. with breast cancer & it has spread to her bones. Was given meds but her back, hip & legs hurt alot. Praying God will do an amazing miracle, no pain & complete healing in Jesus mighty name. Thx


Prayers for John Toth.... Dislocated Shoulder & Extensive facial surgery. Beginning Physical Therapy/recovery, starting Monday 5/20...


30 weeks pregnant with a baby boy that might be severely disabled. Appreciate prayers for strength, resources, and continued trust in God鈥檚 plan.


My baby boy has preme NEC that grew on him over time, it is stable right now but I would love any prayers to knock out any sickness so he come home in me and moms arms, we worry about him every night thank you all and godlblees everyone


Please pray for my family and for my son Robert serving time in prison as we prepare for his release on 5/30, for overall protection, for no delays, to surrender to God's plan, for strength, guidance and peace. Amen.


Please pray for my Granddaughter Shanna, who had a miscarriage yesterday.


Please pray for my father in law Henry鈥檚 recovery from a fall, bleeding on the brain, and seizure. He was moved from the ICU last night and is scheduled to move to rehab today. Please pray for his full recovery.


Urgently Pls pray for my marriage! My husband has cheated for the 2nd time. He has SUDDENLY became some1 different. He will NOT stop arguing w/me DAILY to the point I am afraid of his anger. He is saying bizarre things in arguments