We believe in the
power of prayer.

Need Prayer?

James 5:16 says, "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working."

If you need prayer, you can submit it privately to our prayer team and choose whether you'd also like to add it publicly to our prayer wall for our church community to pray over. If you want to lift up others in prayer, you can pray over them directly via this page or by spending time in a Prayer Session.


Please pray for my family we are struggling financially, please pray for our family connection to grow and anger and hateful speaking be removed from us.


Please pray for my ability to beat this late stage cancer that has reoccurred and for the strength of both myself and my family to make chemotherapy even just a little bit less painful. I don’t currently attend here but my heart tells me to do.


I am graduating 12/13/23 from ASU with a BA. I was full time online student and blessed to be a SAHM. Please pray for clarity in the Lord's will for this next chapter and that His will be done. Thank you.


Full-time single mom and young cancer survivor struggling financially. Financial stress is messing with me mentally and emotionally…really struggling to stay positive and can’t keep my head above water with all my debts/bills.


Please pray for the right next job for me to come soon.


Going into Finals week and very stressed out. Studying has been a struggle for me lately as I have had lots of family issues and a breakup. I am trying my best and trying to find peace and hope in the lord.

Patty McElroy

Prayers for my Daughter in law Nikki to have a safe and easy labor tonight! She’s being induced at 7:00 pm tonight and is high risk!! Thank you for your prayers!! God Bless!!❤️🙏🏼❤️


Pray for my husband Brad that he can find work soon.


Please pray for my son Robert serving time in prison, for protection, for safety in his new porter job, for strength to make the right choices, to resist temptations and triggers and continue to open his heart to God. Amen.


Please pray for my Son and Grandson to accept the Lord as their Savior and God. please pray that all my Family will come to know the Lord before it is too late. Please pray for them to come out of the darkness and into the light. Thank you


Rooted Book


Rooted Book


My adult niece Cheyenne recently had surgery on her heart. She had 2 holes in her heart that were repaired. Last night her heart went into AFIB. Please pray that medication will stop the AFIB. Doctors are wanting to avoid shocking her heart.


For Dylan who is struggling with substance abuse, for his relationship with his wife, for strength while grieving, and for his salvation. He went to a strict private catholic school growing up and rejected God and embraces atheism.


Please pray for my mom. My father unexpectedly walked out on her and all us. she is struggling with strength and hope. she feels lost and hopeless. she needs prayers of strength and comfort. I know she can get through this with Jesus and prayers.


Please pray for our son, Curtis. He is struggling with anxiety and chaos in his life. Please pray that he is strong, smart, safe and sober. Pray that God surrounds him with His love and leads him in the direction God desires him to go.


Pray over my dad’s health, he was recently in ICU; now home on oxygen. Doctors are unsure how to proceed to improve his quality of life. He has Wegener's disease and also suffers from major heart/kidney problems. I pray that he also accepts Jesus.


Could you pray for my retired coworker who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer… she will be having surgery next week. Thank you


I am in need of prayers. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July and in August had a double mastectomy. I am on new medication to prevent the cancer from returning and my body is struggling! I know God hears, listens and answers prayers! Thank you


Please pray for me financially. I just bought a house and I fear that I will lose it. I no longer have the job that I had making a substantial amount of money. Pray for a better job soon.


My spouse was just laid off from his job, right before the holidays due to over staffing. We have a 7yr old and one on the way. I know every time God closes a door He opens a window. Keeping faith.


please pray for my step daughter Casey just left for a month long mission to india.pray for safe journey and safe return.


My dad, Lawrence, being discharged from hospital but needs medical care and insurance support for his long term care, prayers he can be provided for his needs for long term care and insurance support


Prayers for my son


My ex husband, we have been divorced for 4 years, he is trying to get out of paying the rest of my spousal maintenance he agreed to. Long story of deception, lies, cheating on me. Please pray truth and justice. Set me free from his evil ways.


Please pray for my son Robert serving time in prison, he is really struggling right now with multiple issues.


Diagnosed with pneumonia please pray for a quick recovery


Please keep my daughter Brook in your prayers. Thank you


Need prayer for my daughter-in-law Nikki. She’s being induced at 12:00 AM on 12/4/23…praying she has an uncomplicated delivery and the baby will be fine and healthy! Thank you so much and God Bless you all!🙏🙏🙏🙏


I’m requesting prayer for my son and daughter-in-law who are having a baby on 12-4-23! She’s being induced three weeks early at 12:00 AM! Would you pray that the doctors will have wisdom about the delivery and things will go well! God Bless you!


My sister in Christ, Rita, survived a double pulmonary embolism & is recovering but now needs to have an appendectomy on 12/13/23 for precautionary measures. Please pray God’s Wisdom guides her doctors & she has a quick and complete recovery. Thanks!


I have and am currently wrestling with so much hurt and trusting God. Knowing in my head isn’t helping my heart.


For Victor Marx’s as he fights for children of the world and leads a team to extract them from evil


Please pray for my sweet mama. She has been sick for a month and a half with pneumonia and strep throat. Please pray for healing and wellness for her sweet soul.


Please pray if you will for my husband Dave. He is currently in afib and is having heart issues, undergoing tests, etc. You're prayers are very appreciated and thank you! Sharon


Please pray for Paul to have Godly repentance and lose all desire for the other woman. Pray that he falls more in love with Jesus than ever as well as me, his wife.


please pray for my friend Ronnie and his family. his dad is fairly young and has cancer that hasn't responded to treatment they have recently put him on hospice and he has taken a turn for the worse. The family needs strength


My Grandpa broke his leg a couple weeks ago. While in the hospital, he contracted Covid. The doctors now say they don't think he will make it. Please pray for him and my family, especially for my Mom who is having a very difficult time with this.


Please pray for me to secure full-time employment. I'm a single Mother & my position was eliminated 30 days ago due to my employer consolidating 100 positions, including mine. Thank you & God Bless you!


I am donating a kidney to a stranger and our surgery is January 3rd. I was hoping to get prayer for a successful surgery and speedy recovery for both of us. Thank you so much.


Homeless since Feb 2023 I get SS but low food at times Lost my vehicle ( my home and shelter) July 20th summer heat caused wiring to melt and my Tahoe burnt - still issue with insurance . Lost my left eye sight temp ?? Prayer chain needed please.


Please pray for my friend Brian Hofmeyer. He was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.


Please pray God to grant us(you, Jung-won, Ui-seop, Ha-young, Ye-young, Eun-tae, In-sook) complete and permanent turning back to Him when all our bodies are alive so that each of us may become the true property of the one true God, serving only Him.


Please pray for McKenna. Insurance has denied her surgery to replace the battery on her nerve stimulator. She is in constant pain. Please pray she can be healed and that she finds a way to get her surgery covered by insurance.


Please pray for Leah and her family. They just lost their 3 month old son Ari.


My baby has RSV. And juz need pray for healing and for it not to get bad


Please pray for baby Ezekiel - he was born Monday the 7th sibling of our cousins. He was immediately taken to surgery for a heart defect. He’s currently at Phoenix Children’s on life support.


Please pray for Sampson who is 17 years old and was in a bad car accident. He is in brain surgery…. Thank you Sun Valley…..


Please pray for my friend ineshly to be saved through Jesus Christ and his mercies she recently came to church with me and is seeking Thank you so much for praying god bless


A dear from mine lost his wife suddenly this morning. They have four children, one adult, two in high school, and one in middle school. This is very tragic for the family. I just pray for their strength in the coming days.


I’m 23 weeks pregnant and just found out my job isn’t going to provide maternity leave and that if I need more then 2 weeks to recover from birth I may not have a job anymore. I work from home so I’m holding on to faith that it will all work out.


A 30 year old spinal injury has flared up, and is causing me quite a bit of pain. It is looking like I will need God to either heal me medicinally (surgery) or miraculously. I'm concerned about the former, and feel undeserved of the latter.