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10 Conversation Starters For Your Easter Get-Together

Relationships | Attie Murphy | 6 mins

Easter is an opportunity to bring family and friends together to celebrate life. We can see renewal in the light of springtime, the baby critters, and most importantly, in the resurrection of Jesus. It’s a beautiful reason to unite and appreciate each other. The thing is, human interaction isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. You might be dreading the chaos of a family dinner or feeling anxious about gathering with people you don’t know well. And even if you expect things to go well, you may want some fresh ideas to make the day memorable.

So, whether you’re hosting or attending, you can use these prompts to encourage fun and interesting discussions for all ages:

What has been your best day of the year so far?
This one is simple as can be, but can end up sparking deep conversation! It’s pretty thought-provoking because we often don’t have particular days that stand out until we really think about the little moments that matter.

What would be the best thing to find in an Easter egg?
This one can get super interesting if no one is allowed to give an answer that was already said (otherwise half the table will say a chunk of gold or a diamond).

Answer Easter trivia.
You can come up with questions and make index cards or use a trivia website. This idea has endless potential for kids and adults to learn and engage in (hopefully lighthearted) competitiveness. A few questions you can include are: "What is the origin of Easter?," How long was Jesus in the tomb?," or "What color were the first Easter eggs?"

What’s one “random” thing you want to do this year?
With the high speed of our world, we tend to invest our time in things that achieve something either practical or that make us look cool. But we all have something that we’ve always wanted to do “just because.” When we decide to invest in those things, we can unlock creativity and conviction that we didn’t know we had!

Play “Do You Remember?”
This game is an awesome way to bond with family and close friends and can also help you get to know new people better. According to reviews, the questions are appropriate for “kids to grandmas” and will ignite funny and sentimental reactions.

Where do you want to see renewal/resurrection?
To follow Jesus, we should reflect His resurrection in our lives. When we accept Jesus into our hearts, we become new, but we don’t instantly move past all our struggles. We are constantly changing, and God wants us to pursue and model our growth. Even for unbelievers in your group (or if you are one yourself), this question is an eye-opener and will encourage people to support each other’s goals.

Share an intriguing story.
You can frame this as, “What’s the craziest thing that’s happened/you’ve seen this year?” My closest friends have shared stories with me that I was surprised I’d never heard, simply because they’d forgotten them. We live in a weird world, and it’s likely that everyone you know has an interesting story that you haven’t heard. You can add to the fun by writing the stories down and saving them in a story journal to read years later.

Perform an impromptu Easter skit.
There’s nothing like improv to break the ice. Invite a few people to volunteer (don’t be that person that forces someone into the spotlight), and come up with a quick Easter skit. Once you have a basic plot, go with the flow and see where the dialogue leads. Your performance could be a source of learning and laughter.

Have an Egg decorating competition.
If you aren’t hosting, you’ll probably want to ask your host first and bring all the supplies for the expected amount of people. You’ll need eggs, food coloring, bowls, stickers, and markers. If you want to get fancy, you can include edible glitter, stencils, temporary tattoos, or gold foil. Organize the items into kits and let the artistic extravaganza begin!

Lift up a cause.
As you wind down your Easter festivities, you can join in prayer and each lift up a cause or person on your heart. Another idea is to each take a piece of paper or index card and write down the situation or name you’re thinking about. You can then carry that paper with you for the rest of the year as a commitment to serve and pray.

Ultimately, Easter is all about love. God loves us enough that He gave His only Son to pay the debt of our sins. Jesus died so that we can receive forgiveness, and we are called to share that love with others. The weight of the world can cause us tension, but the freedom we have through resurrection can bring us together no matter where we are.

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Attie Murphy

An avid writer since the age of 5, who loves to explore new ideas and places. Inspired by Jesus, books, and travel.

Published on Apr 6, 2022