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You Lost Your Job, Not Your Work

Work | Attie Murphy | 4 mins

Everyone who loses a job, or chooses another path, encounters a sense of doubt and confusion about the future. Even if you go into a job with a short-term mindset, it's a vulnerable step to move on, especially if you don't have a plan for what's next. For most of us, our jobs are critical to our survival. They're the foundation we need to have the ability to do everything else. And it's a real struggle to find clarity in the balance between necessity and purpose. So how can we continue to find purpose when we are in limbo? What is the difference between our jobs and work?

Sometimes it's easy to let everything else slip as long as my career is going well. And when it's not, I think my life is falling apart, even if I exceed my expectations in other goals. To fight off this mindset, I try to look at the money-making part of my life as just one of my consistent doorways to the world. Our jobs are a big piece of how we contribute and create, but they aren't more important than the other pieces. All of the things that urge us out of our homes require work of some kind. To meet people, stay healthy, learn, and enjoy life, we have to make an effort. Whether we realize it or not, we aren't happy without work. And that's why it's important not to give our career goals too much power in our rhythm. When your "job track" loses momentum, that doesn't have to set back your motivation in the rest of your life. I know it's hard to think this way when you're desperate to pay your bills. I've been there. But when the next step is out of your hands, you can pray and continue to pursue God's will in each moment. 

Our effort is the key to our success. We can't "wow" at everything. And even if we get it all right, we can't control the unpredictable circumstances and people that affect us. For me personally, it hurts to see people I care about doubt their value because of a job, especially when they forget all the great ways they impact others. We often hone in on our disappointments and don’t see the greater picture that others see in us. Even if we think we've failed in a certain position, that doesn't diminish the qualities we carry. The one thing we can pledge to do is grow. When we are genuinely loving God and loving others, we can set aside our self-judgment and see the world and our true place in it.

It's okay to grieve when life throws a curveball. When we feel hopeless, we need to take time to find peace and comfort in God. He knows our needs and our wants, and He never ignores us. The world and our choices can change our direction, but God will always provide an opportunity to fill our need for purpose. When we are feeling a deficit in any area, we can turn to Him for comfort and strength to keep going. Through Jesus, we will always have work as disciples. We carry that work into every job and situation when we love people as He does. And to do that, we must also love ourselves.

"I know what is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or want. I can do all this through Him who gives me strength." - Philippians 4:12-13

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Attie Murphy

An avid writer since the age of 5, who loves to explore new ideas and places. Inspired by Jesus, books, and travel.

Published on Sep 1, 2021