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How to Find Peace in Your Commitments

Self | Attie Murphy | 5 mins

What does it mean to go “all in?” The first example that comes to my mind is how I feel every summer when I go to the creek with my friends. I always test the water with my foot, and I'm hesitant even if it’s refreshing. I like to wade in, adapting to the change and watching for any underwater creatures. Every time, someone will tell me, “Just jump in!” But I don’t trust the cold, dark abyss. Maybe I just don’t love water, or perhaps my tentative attitude toward swimming reflects that I struggle to find peace in commitment.

We think we’re friendly with commitment when we get comfortable with our routines, but it’s the deeper decisions that can bring that “standing on a ledge” feeling. What decisions are those? It could be something visible like getting involved in a new cause or relationship, or something more internal, like asking God for help. Those things require trust. We can’t see the future, so we often move forward without peace when we have to make bold choices. Our actions may or may not be all-in while our hearts and minds watch for a wave to push us to the shore. Ultimately, our fear of drowning will leave us longing to break free without knowing why or how. We need to dive into those fears, or we’ll continue to tread carefully through everything they hover over.

Mistrust doesn’t always come from a particular pattern or trauma; it’s a recurring impulse. In a way, it can seem like an addiction. It gives us a reason to rely on ourselves and build skills that protect us. Independence and cautiousness are healthy traits in the right context, but they shouldn’t replace God’s assurance. We should pursue adventures and anticipate obstacles, but we also need to experience dedication. Above all else, that starts with our relationship with God. Sometimes we don’t realize we’re holding back, and once we see it, our attitudes don’t change instantly or permanently. We have to work to overcome our trust issues as we would with any relationship. The difference is that God hasn’t broken our trust, and He never will. That is His promise, and the more we study His character, the more we can get past our psychological and spiritual barriers. By following Jesus, we can learn what it means to find peace in commitment.

Delight yourself in the Lord,
and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Commit your way to the Lord;
trust in him, and he will act
.” - Psalms 37:4-5

When we find our peace in Jesus, we can practice confidence in our outward actions. There’s no guarantee that our choices will lead to the outcomes we want, but we can have peace when we give our all to God’s purpose. We can find reasons to doubt every option on our path, and we have to take risks to go anywhere. The question is, which risks are worth taking? With years flying by, where should we commit our time? What Netflix series should we watch? Joking aside, because we’re all unique, the only answers come through prayer and seeking wisdom (Proverbs is a source I like to turn to). At the end of the day, if there isn’t a clear right or wrong, we need to take the plunges to grow. Sure, there may always be something better we could be doing or somewhere more interesting we could be, but we need to sink in our feet to experience the life God wants for us.

If you’re like me and get wrapped in indecisiveness or “sunken cost” fallacies, it can help to create small victories. Begin with a commitment that isn’t consequential to your daily structure, like taking time to learn something outside the norm or asking someone for support in a specific area. Or, if you need something drastic to boost you out of your comfort zone, sign up for a mission trip or get involved in a project in your community. The world needs the real you, and that starts by knowing who God made you to be.


Written By

Attie Murphy

An avid writer since the age of 5, who loves to explore new ideas and places. Inspired by Jesus, books, and travel.

Published on Apr 25, 2022